2018-2019 Wilson PTO Board and Committee List

PTO Leadership Team: Melissa Hernandez, Diana Gomez, and Lilia Amaro, Sharon Ogren

Past PTO Presidents: Amanda Lemaire, Tish Ochoa, John Ray Hinojosa

Treasurer: Miles Romm
Secretary: Adrienne Davis
Friends of Montessori Rep: Christine Soderstrom
Administration Representative: TBD
Teacher Representative(s): Jaime Payne
General PTO Member: Joe Bostick
General PTO Member: Sarah Fischer
General PTO Member: Hannah Jans
General PTO Member: Amanda McClanahan

Communications Committee:
Chair: Melissa Hernandez and Adrienne Davis
Members: Allison McPhail, Diana Gomez, Tish Ochoa

Ice Cream Social Committee:
Co-Chairs: Diana Gomez, Melissa Hernandez, Lilia Amaro and Sharon Ogren

Ribbon Cutting Committee:
Co-Chair: Melissa Hernandez and Diana Gomez
Members: Aimee Wood, Tiffany Harris, and Lindsay Gonzales

Fall Festival Committee:
Co-Chair: Joe Bostick, Lola Grazier, and Amanda McClanahan

Gala Committee:
Chair: Laila Salameh

Start with a Bang Committee:
Co-Chairs: Jay Bostick and Sajju George

Yearbook Committee:
Chair: Gab Gaidosik and Vanessa Gaidosik
Members: Evan McClanahan, Laura Whitley, and Richard Lyders

Room Parent Coordinator:
Members: Sarah Fischer and Jaime Payne

Spirit Items Committee:
Chair: Lola Grazier and Tish Ochoa

Teacher Appreciation Committee:
Chair: Amanda McClanahan and Sharon Ogren

Box Top Coordinator:
Chair: Jaime Payne
Members: Amanda McClanahan

Supply Fees Committee:
Chair: Sarah Fischer
Members: Olga Lazano

Camping Committee:
Chair: Joanne Smart and Ken Smart