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Doesn’t HISD bond money pay for this?

The 2012 HISD bond funding covers the basics of Wilson’s expansion and renovation project – a beautiful and innovative new wing, renovations to the original building as well as some standard classroom necessities. But it’s up to us to bridge the gap for the special materials and training needed to open new Montessori classrooms.  


Why don’t we just make an Amazon wish list for the materials?

Purchasing Montessori materials directly from the vendors as well as ordering in bulk provides deeper discounts for the school. It also ensures that classrooms open fully finished with the materials and furnishings ready for the students.


I’ve heard something about a mosaic and tiles. What is that?

We are excited to be working with Houston mosaic artist Katy Antill in creating a public art piece as part of Wilson Taking Flight. Be sure to check out the Wilson Taking Flight pledge card or visit for information on how to include your family’s name on the Spirit of Wilson Mosaic Wall.


Can I make payments?

Yes! Because we are asking families to help bridge the gap by giving above and beyond their usual contributions to Wilson, pledges to the Wilson Taking Flight campaign may be paid in monthly installments through May 2019. See the attached pledge card or visit to learn more.


How can my employer increase my gift?

Many companies offer a matching gift program for employee donations. Not sure if your employer has a matching program? Contact your HR department to find out if your company can increase the power of your Wilson Taking Flight contribution.


Can friends or other family members donate?

Absolutely! Wilson Taking Flight is a great way for grandparents and family as well as friends and neighbors to support the school. Let us know if you would like additional Wilson Taking Flight brochures to give to family and friends. They can also visit to learn more and donate.