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Giving Levels

Thank you for considering an investment in the Wilson Taking Flight campaign. Once fully funded, your gift will help fill 8 of the 11 new classrooms with high quality Montessori materials and Montessori trained teachers – including the Practical Life Center in the Middle School. You will help build an inspiring public art mosaic, “The Spirit of Wilson” for everyone in the city to enjoy and any additional funds will invest in additional ancillary materials (theater, library, science, etc.) and landscaping upgrades.

Families work their way through waitlists that are hundreds long and students travel from across the city every day because they see something special in a Wilson education. Offering the benefits of Montessori education in a public school, with equal access to all, is an investment in those children and our future. Hundreds of new families will be joining the Wilson community in the coming years and we won’t let them down!

The investment we make today will touch every student at Wilson year after year and the mosaic will stand as a lasting sign of our commitment!

Every dollar helps as we band together to meet the $200,000 goal! Thank you!!