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About the Mosaic

The Spirit of Wilson Mosaic

The Spirit of Wilson is a professionally designed and installed mosaic, designed by artist and Houston native Katy Antill (see her previous work here). It is a collaborative student art project, a lasting piece of public art, and a place to recognize generous donors to the Wilson’s Taking Flight campaign. Each element of the design has been developed to reflect the values and qualities that are dear to the Wilson community.

Hand-stamped tiles are available at different giving levels, and include leaves, stars, various critters, birds and specialty pieces like a bee’s hive and a bird’s nest with room to include the names of everyone in your family! While the final appearance will depend on which tiles are ultimately purchased, the image above provides a representation of what the placement of these tiles might look like. And the images below show you some of the details of the tiles. Review the Giving Levels to learn more details about which tiles are available, their size and the number of names that can fit on each one.

We’ve answered some common questions in our FAQs, but if you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out at wilsontakingflight (at)